Ankit Rana (CEO)       +91-9368263348 / 9917033448 /
Ankit Rana (CEO)       +91-9368263348 / 9917033448 /

Nandprayag is a small town, at a height of 1358 meters at Chamoli district of Garhwal region in Uttarakhand. This city is sitting at the holy junction of the river Alkananda and Nandakini A trip to Nandprayag can bea great experience with the blessings of Himalayas.This place where King Nanda sat on yajna, which was later became the main attraction of Nandprayag, the Nand Temple. The place is ideal for enjoying a natural walk or just strolling in some beautiful spots. 

The beginning of summer is great time to travel to Nandprayag because of quite pleasant climate. 

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