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Ankit Rana (CEO)       +91-9368263348 / 9917033448 /

About Nageshwar temple

The word Nageshwar is commonly used for Kora (king of the serpents), who always coils on Lord Shiva’s neck. It is one of the world’s 12 self-contained jyotirlingams. This Shiva temple is located on the route of Dwarka city from Bayat in coast of Saurashtra, Gujarat. This place containing large garden with a 25 m high statue of sitting Lord Shiva and a pond.


According to ‘Balkhilas’, a group of saints worshiped here for Lord Shiva for a long time. To see their devotion and patience, Shiva came to them as naked ascetic, wearing only serpents. The temple of Nageshwar has great religious significance because it is generally believed that Sri Krishna here convinced Lord Shiva by doing Rudrabhishekam.

From Jamnagar and Ahmedabad buses are available to reach here. 

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