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Tirupati, an ancient city on the southern end of Andhra Pradesh, is a pilgrimage Location in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. Tirupati city is known for the Venkateswar Temple, one of the most popular pilgrimages in the country. Tirupati is called the country of temple. If you are following any belief, you will feel the divinity while you are here. There also other huge and interesting temples are seen in Tirupati. It is a holy city and devotees from all over India and abroad visit this city to seek the blessings of the Almighty. 

Unless you explore the other side of this divine city, the Tirupati visit is incomplete. Apart from religious centres, Tirupati has plenty to visit for nature lovers, adventure seekers and historians.

It is said in Varaha myth, on return from Lanka Puri after saving Sita from the grasp of Ravan, Lord Shri Ram stayed here with Sita Devi and Lakshman. It is also said that Balaji claimed a loan of 11 million gold coin from Kuber for marriage and devotees are paying the loan back by donating money in temple. 

Venkateswar temple, Padmavati temple, Kodandaram temple, Prasanna Venkateswar temple, Govindraja temples are the main temples here, and there are many temples, maths exist in Tirupati. 

Visiting Tirupati in summer is not a good choice. Temperature reaches to 45°C. Cool and comfortable months from November to March is better time to pay devotion in Tirupati.

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