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Ankit Rana (CEO)       +91-9368263348 / 9917033448

On the bank of Kaberi River, Tiruchirappalli city is one of the largest areas in the state Tamil Nadu and this old city was established in the 3rd century. Tiruchirappalli is a religious site for Hindus as well as a historical place too.  In the third century, the city was the capital of the early Cholas and later the medieval Cholas, Pallabas, the Vijayanagaras, the Madurai heroes and the Delhi Sultani. Attractive atmosphere and beautiful attractions make Tiruchirappalli one of the most visited tourist destinations in Tamil Nadu. 

In addition to the pilgrimage, tourists can experience several more interesting day trips. Sri Erumbeeswarar Temple, Ranganathaswamy Temple, Vayalur Murugan Temple, Jambukeshwara Temple etc. are the temples where people come to worship gods. 

Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Ranganathaswamy Temple is one of the largest and most respected temple in Tamil Nadu. The Dravidian style architecture makes this sacred place very attractive. 

Another sign of the Dravidian design is the Erumbeeswarar temple, built on 18 meters high on a rock hill during the Cholas. 

An interesting architecture is the Rock fort Temple. It is an ancient castle and a temple 

One of the most interesting places in the city, the Kallanai dam is almost 2000 years old and was built by the King of the Cholas. 

Puliyancholai Falls is an ideal picnic spot in Tiruchirappalli and it is free of cost. 


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