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Popular Andaman Tour Packages – What you expect to enjoy

The Andaman & Nicobar Archipelago lies enclosed by the spotless clean water of Bay of Bengal. It is located to the east of the Indian mainland, resting far away from the mainland area. DBTT Andaman Tour packages area unit among the foremost sorted out tours for travelers in the Asian countries. Andaman tour packages mostly include the capital city of Port Blair and the famous islands of Havelock and Neil. It is conjointly an incredible place for birdwatching, some of the most found birds are Andaman crake, the Andaman woodpecker, Andaman woodpigeon, Andaman drongo, Andaman cuckoo shrike, Andaman flowerpecker, etc.

Andaman is a hub for adventure lovers. Although Andaman attracts customers throughout the year as a result of it offers activities that area unit appropriate for any season however still the climate is most pleasant from Oct. to Feb/Mar. While traveling to Andaman one should definitely pack sunscreen as the skin gets direct exposure from the sun and one can get a really bad sunburn. Other items are insect repellent, swimsuit, flip flops, digital camera, etc.

Tourist spots in Andaman

Andaman may be a land of gobs of beauty and lots of adrenaline-pumping activities. Some of the best attractions of Andaman include Havelock Island, Neil Island, Baratang Island, Chidiya Tapu, Port Blair, Cellular Jail, Viper Island, North Bay Island, Red Skin Island, Forest Museum, Ross Island, Saddle Peak National Park, Baratang Limestone Caves, Barren Island, Rose Island, Galathea National Park, Butler Bay Beach. The best beaches to visit in Havelock Island are Vijaynagar beach, elephant beach, Radhanagar beach, and Kalapathar beach.

Popular Andaman Tour Packages

Andaman Tour – Plan your tour package

People can visit these places by booking the Andaman Tour Packages. Banana boat rides, snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, speed boating, undersea walking, and jet skiing are some popular sports to try in Andaman. There are government-operated ships to the Andaman from Vizag, Chennai, and Kolkata, but these are nothing like the fancy cruise liners you would imagine. The booking of these need to be made from the shipping service office of the respective city. Though details on timings area unit denote on the official Andaman ship schedule web site regarding fifteen days sooner than the departure day of the ship. There are no more than one to two ships a week. There are private ferries that connect Port Blair with Havelock and Neil Islands. The ferries take about an hour to get to Havelock and 90 minutes for Neil. These ferries have nice frequency and area unit straightforward accessible from the Port Blair jetties. There is a whirlybird service too from Port Blair to the cloth covering, Neil, Diglipur, and Hutbay in Little Andaman. Only parts of North Andaman such as Rangat, Diglipur, Baratang, and Mayabunadar are connected to Port Blair thorough the Andaman Trunk Road (ATR). Part of Middle Andaman, Long Island is a unique place with beautiful stretches of sand and non-motorable roads.

Looking for an offbeat Andaman tour?

For the touristy type, this may not be an ideal place because of the lack of commercialization and its general slow pace. The only thanks to exploring the island is by walking, besides there is no internet or mobile connectivity. There is a Lalaji Bay Beach, a marble-white sand bar skirting a deep blue sea, the Merk Bay Beach and the Guitar Island that take about a whole day and can be done by hiring a private charter. For bird watchers, backpackers, photographers, and of course certified divers, this place is paradise. Indian citizens need not carry a passport for a holiday in the Andaman which includes Port Blair, Havelock, Neil, Little Andaman, Diglipur or Baratang. But you do need a special permit if visiting places like Cinque Island, Jolly Bouy Island and Redskin Island. We are present everywhere and at all the islands during your trip to produce you with the expertise of a period.

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