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Ankit Rana (CEO)       +91-9368263348 / 9917033448 /

About Kameng River

Kameng River is a north-Indian river, which is robust with melted water of eastern Himalayas’ glaciers. The river was formerly known as Bhoreli. Flowing from the Kameng district and Bhalukpong of Arunachal Pradesh, Kameng River enters Assam and meets Brahmaputra River in Tezpur. Kameng is an important tributary of Brahmaputra River. Kameng River creates the boundary between East Kameng district and West Kameng district. 

Historical Significance

Kameng River has an historical significance. It was the border between Kamata and Sutia kingdom. And after the fall of the Kamata kingdom, it served as the border between the Ahom Kingdom and the Baro-Bhuyan Kingdom.

In Bhalukpong, water sports like river rafting is being organized by Bhalukpong tourism. 

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